Actual prices from 1st of August 2019

Varna - Odessa


Varna – Odessa

Varna – Bolgrad

 One way RoundtripOnewayRoundtrip
Adults61 BGN118 BGN54 BGN104 BGN
Discound49 BGN96  BGN42 BGN82 BGN


Varna – Constanta

Varna – Galati, Braila

Adults35 BGN 50 BGN 
Discound35 BGN50 BGN

Odessa - Varna

 Odessa – VarnaBolgrad – Varna  
 One wayRoundtrip*One wayRoundtrip
Adults880 UAH1730 UAH800 UAH1560 UAH
Discound800 UAH1600 UAH750 UAH1460 UAH
 Odessa – ConstantaOdessa – Galati, Braila
 One wayRoundtripOne wayRoundtrip
Adults1040 UAH2000 UAH900 UAH1800 UAH
Discound920  UAH1730 UAH900 UAH1800 UAH

*This price is available only for ticket is fixed day Varna-Odessa (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

1) Discound ticket can buy:
    – retirees
    – children under 18
    – students under 26

2) Passengers who want sit alone, can buy 2nd ticket at the price of discound ticket.